The Law Firm Martinez & Novebaci is constituted of a heterogeneous team of lawyers and professionals specializing in different fields and belonging to their own professional associations, such as chartered accountants and consultants. These experts constantly cooperate with our lawyers in order to meet our Clients’ needs quickly and effectively.

Every member of our team is committed to one basic principle: the success of each litigation or entrepreneurial operation depends on a great activity of research and constant training. We are aware that the solutions proposed affect directly and critically the Clients. Therefore, all our efforts are devoted to providing our clients with the most updated and effective opinions and solutions, which can result in solid and long-lasting professional relationships with them.


Martinez & Novebaci contributed to the reform proposal of the Italian Code of Civil Procedure on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Justice, and to the research project on the conditions of the judicial system for the Superior Council of Magistracy. Moreover, the Law Firm has acted through its professionals as a consultant for the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Several scholars and lecturers work in our law firm as consultants and lawyers; moreover, Martinez & Novebaci has systematic collaborations with many professors of various universities.

The cultural background of Martinez & Novebaci is focused on the corporate world in a broader sense. As a result, the majority of our Clients are medium and large companies doing business in different market sectors, which constitute the core of the Italian entrepreneurship.