Martinez & Novebaci was founded by Antonello Martinez and Claudio Novebaci in 1999. Although their legal backgrounds were different, they shared the same noticeable experience in managing corporate problems.

Antonello Martinez specialized in out-of-court negotiations and global litigation strategies. He is an expert in contract law, and has always conducted national and international negotiations on behalf his clients.

Claudio Novebaci is particularly experienced in legal procedures and corporate law. Thanks to his expertise, he managed to successfully handle and solve delicate issues affecting important companies. All the lawyers of our Law Firm have been carefully selected. In addition to thorough training and education, to join our team lawyers need to meet other equally essential requirements, namely dedication, capacity to look at the bigger legal picture, teamwork skills, and strong commitment to our basic principles.

Studio Legale Martinez-Novebaci

The wide and complex scenario of corporate law needs to be addressed from different perspectives. For this reason, we hired also professionals specializing in other fields, such as chartered accountants, labor consultants, and experts in business administration. The cooperation between all the professionals working jointly based on shared cultural and operative principles contributed to the formation of a top-level team, which can easily adapt to the deep social, economic, and legal changes. For this reason, our team can solve effectively and promptly most of the ordinary and extraordinary problems that a company needs to face every day.

The head office of Martinez & Novebaci is in Milan, but the offices of Torino (former law practice of Claudio Novebaci) and Oristano (former law practice of Antonello Martinez) were maintained, and new offices have been opened in London and Miami. Over the years, Martinez & Novebaci has been working in partnership with other law firms in different cities in Italy and all over the world.

The founding partners

The founding partners are Antonello Martinez and Claudio Novebaci, both listed in the Special Register of lawyers entitled to plead before the Court of Cassation.

Antonello Martinez.

Antonello Martinez was born in Oristano on 18 February 1954. After attending classical studies, he graduated in law at the Università di Cagliari in 1978. He became a civil lawyer, following his old family tradition. After acting as a Legal Adviser of the Italian Parliament, at present Martinez is Chairman of the Italian Association of Corporate Lawyers and represents the Government of Dubai in Europe. He has taught Philosophy and Sociology of Law at the Università Statale of Milan, and Communication Law in different Italian universities. He has been Rector of the University. Martinez has been invited as a keynote speaker at many conferences and meetings, and has authored several law books, articles, and papers.


 Claudio NovebaciClaudio Novebaci

Claudio Novebaci was born in Turin on 15 November 1958. After the scientific lyceum, he graduated in law at the Università di Torino in 1983. He is a lawyer experienced in civil law and national and international corporate law. Due to personal reasons, he left the Italian office and he lives permanently abroad.