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Giuseppe Gentile holds a law degree along with a specialization in legal studies. In 30/2019, criminal defense attorney Giuseppe Gentile was appointed member of the Metropolitan Office for rights of detained people in Reggio Calabria, by decree of the Mayor.

During his professional career, Giuseppe Gentile has had notable accomplishments, as reported on various newspapers, such as defending clients in mafia related cases (art.416 bis of the Italian criminal code), in prosecutions related to the illegal trafficking of toxic waste and offenses related to trafficking of narcotic substances.

Giuseppe, along with other European lawyers, has acquired a certification that allows him to file appeals to the European Court of Human Rights. Along with the Italian lawyers, Russian and Ukrainian lawyers joined the project.

Being a member of the Criminal Law division of the Bar Association of Reggio Calabria, Giuseppe has been appointed as member of the Commission for the updates on European Court of Human Rights legislation.