Our vocation is to provide consulting to companies. We address all the issues from any possible perspective, considering both out-of-court settlements and litigation strategies, analyzing all aspects relevant to the various areas of law.

Martinez & Novebaci has different specialized departments, each one managed by an experienced lawyer, who coordinates and supervises all the activities of his team. The departments are autonomous, but they often work jointly, especially when a case involves issues concerning different areas of practice. This joint work allows addressing all the aspects of the problems brought by our Clients at the same time, and consequently all the possible options in the distinct disciplines are analyzed and assessed, leading to the choice of the best possible strategy. This kind of organization, developed over years of practice and work, has led to achievements that can be considered objectively as extremely important. Moreover, thanks to the experience and the joint work of our professionals, our Law Firm also handles national and international arbitrations.

In addition to the issues that concern normally corporate activities, Martinez & Novebaci addresses also typical legal problems incurred by physical persons, such as cases falling under the areas of family law and succession law.

As the most important beneficiary of the aforementioned professional activities is the Company, Martinez & Novebaci has endeavored to address all the corporate problems. To this purpose, lawyers, chartered accountants, labor consultants, experts in M&A, finance and real estate work together in our law firm as a team to provide the best and the most accurate opinions and solutions.