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Department of TRUST LAW

Head of the department




Dott. Stefano Mingardi      Avv. Guido Battagliese 

This department, managed by Mr. Stefano Mingardi, TEP, and under the scientific supervision of Prof. Guido Battagliese, attorney-at-law, TEP, and member of the panel of STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners – an international, no-profit professional association of experts in the field of trusts, assets, and successions), assists the clients in all the uses and through all the phases of a deed of trust, from its execution to its day-to-day management and problems.



  • Legal opinion.
  • Drafting of documents and deeds.
  • Assistance during the execution.
  • Administrative obligations (filing, tax number, opening of a bank account, preparation of a book of accounts);
  • Tax obligations (accounting, financial statements, and periodical income statements).
  • Tax, civil, criminal, and administrative litigations.

Most important fields of use:

  • Family
  • Asset protection.
  • Protection of people with physical disabilities, individuals with addictions, or spendthrifts.
  • Asset management.
  • Company
  • Transferring businesses between generations.
  • Management of company crises.
  • Liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Keeping and management of company shares.
  • Share concentration.
  • Shareholders’ agreements.
  • Stock option allocations.
  • Management of project financing operations and public works.
  • Management of commercial or agricultural individual companies.
  • Registration of pharmacies and tobacco shops.
  • Common funds.
  • Multi-property.
  • Guarantees
  • Pledging of guarantees, acquisition of funds, fiduciary deposits, escrow accounts.
  • Financial instruments used as guarantees.
  • Revolving collaterals.

Dedicated bank accounts.