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Department of Sport Law

This department, managed by Ms. Federica Gramatica, attorney-at-law, is strictly related with the corporate vocation of Martinez & Novebaci. Today it is clear that the world of sport is an extremely important business all over the world. Thousands of companies gravitate around the sports; however, sometimes the expertise of the professionals that manage such activities is not adequate to the actual dimensions thereof. Sport clubs should be considered as companies, and not underestimated as a minor business (as they usually are), only because they are commonly the subject matter of sport magazines, and not of financial journals. Similarly, many athletes during their careers can be compared to middle-size companies. The purpose of our law firm is to regard athletes and sport clubs as ordinary companies.

For this reason, this department is managed by Ms. Federica Gramatica, attorney-at-law, and Mr. Valerio Fiori, a sportsman expert in sports law. The goal is to address the issues of sport clubs and sport professionals as company issues, relying on deep and broad knowledge of the sport regulations, and in particular football regulations. The department provides full assistance and legal consulting to all the persons involved in the world of sports, including sport clubs, athletes, managers, coaches, sponsors, and other companies operating in this area of business at a national and international level. In particular, the following services are provided:

  • Assistance and consulting for Italian and international professional sport companies on legal, tax, insurance, registration, management, and corporate issues; consulting on the registration of new sport companies and associations; negotiation and drafting of sponsorship and advertisement agreements.
  • Legal advice for athletes and companies on doping, insurance, image protection, and on safety and health protec­tion in workplaces and during exercises.
  • Consulting on sport-center management and sports events organization.
  • Liaising with sport federations and sport leagues on behalf of the clients.
  • Updated consulting on regulations, norms, decisions, and tax regimes and provisions affecting national and international football clubs and activities, ensuring continuous and useful support for solving legal issues related to sport activities; interpretations of and consulting on federal documents and regulations.
  • Assistance in litigations before regional, national, and international Sport Justice Offices (including disciplinary committees, committees for economic litigations, the Italian football association, boards of arbitrators, the Federal Court of Justice, the Chamber of Settlement and Arbitration, the TAS of Lausanne, F.I.F.A., U. E.F.A. justice offices etc.).
  • Assistance to the athletes during all phases of their careers, including the post-career Several types of legal, tax, social security, and property services are offered.
  • Assistance and consulting on sports contract and image protection issues; expert consulting on employment, sponsorship, or advertisement agreements.