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Department of Public and Administrative Law

This department works in cooperation with the law firm of Prof. Bruno Santamaria, attorney-at-law, and provides the following services:

  • Consulting and representation for private individuals and public bodies before courts of ordinary, administrative, and fiscal juris­diction; drafting of independent opinions on public administration issues.
  • Consulting on public tenders and contracts.
  • Assistance to local authorities.
  • Consulting on health and hospital law.
  • Consulting on construction law and town planning.
  • Consulting on environmental law.
  • Consulting on public services and privatizations.
  • Consulting on civil issues of bank and insurance activities and independent administrative authorities.

This department can also rely on a documentation and research office specialized in administrative, regional, and European law. To this purpose, it constantly liaises with the legislative, administrative, and juris­dictional bodies of the European Union.

Avv. Prof. Bruno Santamaria