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Department of CRIMINAL LAW

Head of the department

Mr. Stefano Toniolo, attorney-at-law

This department, managed by Mr. Stefano Toniolo, attorney-at-law, provides representation in and out of court in matters of criminal law, and in particular in the following areas:



  • Corporate offences.
  • Bankruptcy crimes.
  • Occupational safety and health offences.
  • Brokerage frauds.
  • Tax offenses.
  • Banking crimes.
  • Offenses against public administration.
  • Offenses against the administration of justice.
  • Environmental crimes and infringements of local building regulations.
  • Crimes against honor, privacy, and reputation (defamation, libel, and slander).
  • Crimes in public tenders (bid-rigging and other offences) and offences committed in the course of privatization of public enterprises.
  • Offenses against the person; crimes against property.