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Department of Corporate Consulting and Commercial Development

  • This Department specializes in strategic consulting for companies, researching and recommending to the Clients the management approach that is most suitable to their needs and their development potential. This Department works closely together with the other units of the Law Firm, integrating the legal and the management dimensions of an issue, guaranteeing a complete solution.
    Specific attention is devoted to start-up companies, to which this Department offers and provides all the services needed both during the initial phase and throughout the ordinary company life (drafting of business plans, investors and financing research, assessment of legal risk profiles, analysis of the most suitable legal status, drafting of articles of association and shareholder agreements, contracts, trademark and patent registration, bookkeeping and tax obligations, etc.).
    In coherence with the international nature of the Law Firm, this Department drafts and develops projects aimed at optimizing the companies’ placement on international markets – with a specific focus on Australia and Asia – by setting out the legal strategies and protections necessary for addressing competitively the global markets.
    The mission of the Department is to provide a complete assistance to the Client, ranging from the detection and choice of the international territory based on the analysis of the possible successful outcomes, to the development of a solid commercial relation or the establishment of manufacturing plants.
    Moreover, thanks to a strong network of contacts and strategic partnerships developed during several years in all the most important reference markets for the Italian companies, this Department can assist the Client also during the project implementation, providing legal and management support and protecting the Client against the risks related to the operations on international markets.
    To guarantee a complete assistance to the Client, both at the initial phase and during the management of the further operations, the Department offers expert consulting on the following:
    · Market research
    · Drafting business plans
    · Researching investors or financing
    · Researching distributors or commercial partners
    · Incorporating companies in other countries
    · Due diligence and legal compliance services
    · Assistance on visa applications and secondment
    · Drafting of articles of associations, stakeholder agreements, and international commercial agreements
    · Tax, bank, and corporate obligations
    · Harmonizing corporate and tax structures
    · Project management
    This Department is coordinated by Mr. Franco Allena, attorney-at-law, and Mr. Piermario Porcheddu, attorney-at-law, both working as managers at the Export Management Consulting and as consultants in a leading international management consulting group, the Kelmer Group, of which they are joint managing directors in Australia.