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Department of Business Financial and Real Estate

This department, managed by Mr. Roberto Martini, works as a legal consultant together with some of the leading Real Estate groups and companies specializing in the management of real estate funds. It provides advice on legal issues concerning national and international development projects. In particular, this department guarantees a specialized and high-level management of all kinds of corporative, financial, tax, and contractual issues concerning complex projects or transactions involving the analysis of legal systems of different countries. The services of the Department of Real Estate are focused on the following areas:

  • Assessment. Real estate assessment (including existing, planned and developing properties); feasibility studies and commercial due diligence; consulting on the management and development of the sources of income; effectiveness analyses supporting decision-making processes. Sectors: management; industry and logistics; retail and special structures (e.g. leisure centers).
  • Corporate solutions. Real estate solutions for companies aiming at maximizing the value of properties and leased spaces in order to increase their financial and operational performance.
  • Urban regeneration and advisory. Consulting for companies on urban transformation and regeneration plans and works in the most important European and Italian cities.
  • Development and management of hotel and touristic resorts. Research of companies specialized in hotel management (including both existing and developing structures); assistance to landowners for planning the development of tourist structures in their properties; research of qualified financial and management partners.
  • Capital markets. Strategic consulting, selling management and implementation, raising capital, acquisitions, structured loans, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, and indirect investment vehicles.

The operations of the financial area focus primarily on securitization operations, including the management of N.P.L.’s (non-performing loans). These so-called anomalous or non-performing loans are managed through a series of activities (due-diligence, acquisition, servicing, transfer) aimed at maximizing the recovery and transfer thereof.