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Department of Accounting

Ms. Maria Teresa Carrus is the head of this department, which provides the following services:

  • Organization of accounting and accounting framework; bookkeeping.
  • Drafting of financial statements.
  • Technical advice, assessments, expert opinions.
  • Assessments of companies, company branches, and assets.
  • Liquidation of sole proprietorships, companies, assets, and individual properties.
  • Administrative and accounting inspections for organizing the accounts; assessments on the reliability of financial statements.
  • Management of patrimonies; property and asset divisions and transfers.
  • Share capital contributions; share capital increase; foundations and associations.
  • Company operations: transformations, mergers, spin-offs, consolidations of businesses or company branches.
  • Assistance to companies aimed at ensuring full and regular compliance with the obligations and formalities not affecting the actual company management.
  • Tax consulting on the filling the following forms: Income Tax, VAT, withholdings, Regional Income Tax, and Statistical studies for the estimation of taxes; assistance on appeals and petitions before the Tax Courts and drafting of the related documents; Communications, claims, complaints, demands, petitions, briefs, and replies to questionnaires to be sent to financial offices.
  • Representation before tax offices, tax commissions of any instance and in any jurisdiction relative to tax assessments.
  • Consulting and representation before the court on both generic and specific tax issues, including the analysis of the regulations, the case law, the interpretations, and issues involving the financial administration.
  • Statutory audit of companies.
  • Audit of public bodies.