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Department of Civil Law

This department, specializing in litigations in all areas of civil law, is managed by Mr. Alberto Merlo, attorney-at-law. The department is known for the following areas of expertise within the broad category of civil law, which includes both contractual liability and liability in tort:

• Legal assistance and out-of-court consulting in libel cases and in particular all legal and procedural issues concerning both plaintiffs and publishing houses.
• Representation before the Privacy Protection Authority; assistance and consulting on privacy issues; out-of-court settlements.
• Assistance and representation in cases of liability of banks and financial brokers; cases of bank and brokers’ liability involving issues governed by the provisions set out in the Consolidated law on Finance.
• Assistance and legal representation (also in cases of emergency) in matters regarding the updating procedures of the interbank database on checks and payment cards (CAI); consulting on out-of-court settlements on the aforementioned issues.
• Legal representation (also in cases of emergency) in all matters relative to the defense of the contracting party in contractual liability cases.