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Departement of Tax Law

Mr. Guido Battaglieseattorney-at-law, is the head of this department, which aims at providing solu­tions to tax issues. The long-term experience in this specific field allows this department to guarantee high professional standards and qualified expertise in different areas of tax law, such as issues concerning com­panies, physical persons, international law, real estate, banks, and finance. In particular, this department provides the following services:

  • Legal/tax consulting on issues relative to income taxes, indirect taxes, local taxes, customs duties, and minor taxes.
  • Assistance during the preliminary inspections or representation in the litigation phase before the bodies in charge of tax management and control (Revenue Office, Financial and Customs Police, Land Registry Office, Customs Office, Local Bodies); drafting and managing ap­plications and demands for internal review, tax settlement proposals, settlements in court, and similar documents.
  • Representation before tax commissions, the Italian Cassation Court and the civil, criminal, and administrative judicial authorities in charge of tax issues;
  • Drafting of independent opinions on tax issues.
  • Assistance on the requests for an opinion and tax ruling procedures.
  • Analysis and drafting of tax optimization plans.
  • Tax due diligence activities.
  • Assistance on trust tax and family assets.
  • Audit activities on local taxes and review of the regulation procedures.
  • Voluntary Disclosure.