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Departement of Banking Law

This department provides consulting on issues concerning banking law and bank regulations, aimed at ensuring effective assistance to compliance offices.

The consulting services are focused in particular on legal actions both as defendant and plaintiff brought before the Supervisory Body, civil issues concerning fund raising and credit practice regulations, from saving protection to capital investment (bonds, securities, financial tools).

This department provides banks and financial brokers with consulting and representation in court (including also services of legal due diligence) relative to issues involving compliance with regulations and laws, which is increasingly regarded as a value. In particular, assistance is provided to compliance offices. The activities of this department include the following:

  • Anti-money laundering, usury, and anti-terrorism regulations.
  • Liaising with the Supervisory Body.
  • Reporting to the Credit Bureau (S.I.C.).
  • Drafting of banking and financial agreements.
  • Assistance to the Internal Control Offices in charge of the compliance with the Surveillance and Regulatory Guidelines.
  • Consulting on reports to the Board of Directors and Top Management; liaising with the Board of Statutory Auditors and the competent offices in charge of the branches of foreign banks.
  • Italian Privacy Law (legislative decree no. 196/2003).
  • Industrial offences prevention: Organizational Models according the legislative decree no. 231/01.
  • Bank assessments (Law no. 311/2004).
  • Credit securitization (Law no. 130/99).
  • Regulations on the transparency of banking operations and services (Resolution of the Inter-ministerial Credit and Savings Committee no, 03/2003).
  • E-money.
  • Payment tools.