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Claudio Novebaci was born in Torino on November 15, 1958. He graduated from Law School at

the University of Turin in 1983. His has since worked as corporate lawyer and he became expert

in Italian and international corporate law. Claudio Novebaci has also been registered with the

Law Society of England & Wales. Since the beginning of his career, he has worked with large

multinational corporations, assisting clients in various legal fields, including bankruptcy

proceedings. Being an expert in the field of M&A led him to successfully develop a cross-border

business with particular reference to United Kingdom, North and South America.

He is actively present in various boards of directors of Italian companies which have landed

overseas.  His thirty years of experience in the corporate field allowed him to give companies

valuable advice when dealing with a critical issue.

Attorney Novebaci guides Italian clients through common transnational and transitional issues

arising from the differences in the economic and legal systems.

Claudio Novebaci participated in various international arbitration proceedings. He is also

qualified as a Registered Foreign Lawyer at the Solicitors Regulation Authority in the United


He lives between Miami and London.